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  • Imo Vs Skype: Comparison For Deciding Best Video Calling App

    Imo for pc Free Download: Before the introduction of faster mobile data networks such as 3G and 4G technology in this world, 2G connection were ruling in all around the world. In that time video calling is like finding an "Unicorn Horse", This is why because of slower internet connection. With the slower net connection video calling cannot possible. Video calling become the trendy and fashionable in now a days and become a popular way to communicate with your friends through mobile devices.


    If you have smart phone with Android mobile with front camera and high speed internet like 3G or 4G network, Then you can easily make video calls completely for free. But before that you need to install the video calling app on your android mobile. Imo app is one of the best video calling app but there are more video calling apps also available on the internet. Skype is also the best video calling app. Here you can get the comparison of Imo and Skype. Finally you will get the best video calling app for your android mobile. Lets see the comparison of Imo and Skype video calling apps.


    Imo App Vs Skype Video Calling App Comparison:

    From the below table, you may get the idea of best video calling app. We hope you liked this article, if you want the imo app for windows version then refer the imo for pc.
    Features List
    Imo App
    Skype App
    Instant Messaging in Faster Manner
    Messaging is comparatively slower than imo app
    Media Files
    Faster transmission of images, pictures, videos and audio files
    Slower than imo messaging app but faster.
    Video Calling
    Instant and HQ video Calling Feature
    Login ID required and Low quality video calling
    At Slow Net Connection
    Provides High Transmission of chatting
    It will get struggle
    Simple and Neat Interface
    Simple and slightly complicated Interface

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